Corporate Profile

Nuweigh CC is a South African company involved in the design, manufacture and maintenance of INDUSTRIAL WEIGHING EQUIPMENT. We specialise in underground On-board vehicle scales. We are also importers of high quality industrial scales. We have highly experienced scale technicians. Weight traceability with certification reports and complete company documentation is available upon request.

Nuweigh CC offers a wide range of equipment, from load cells and platform scales up to industrial control PLC’s and On-board vehicle scales. We are able to design, supply and commission custom equipment to fit our customer’s needs.

Our materials handling expertise covers all industries, and many different types of products – hard rock mining, coal, gold, diamond, cement, lime, fertilizer, pet food and charcoal. Nuweigh CC offers full after-sales service and field service support.

Nuweigh CC also offers calibrations, testing, maintenance and spares.
Maintenance and repair of weighing systems.

Our Vision

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Quality Policy Statement

Quality performance is one of the cornerstones of our company culture, and is considered a personal responsibility of all employees. To maintain quality performance of all business units at the highest level, the following aims are pursued:

  • To fulfil or exceed Customer needs and expectations by delivering quality industrial weighing products and service in a consistent and timely manner;
  • To cultivate and maintain the commitment to continual improvement and communicate our goals and objectives to every employee;
  • To promote a working environment where training and tools are provided for all work to proceed in a safe and efficient fashion;
  • To furnish a system of procedures and processes which are periodically reviewed to ensure the ability of all employees to perform their work efficiently.
  • To maintain commitment to comply with the effectiveness of our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

The above mentioned will be obtained through full commitment from top management down to all employees.

Mission Statement

To meet customers’ mass measuring needs by being the best installation, service and back up company in the industry.

Vision Statement

Customers receive what they order without nonconformities.

Suppliers meet our requirements.

New products or processes are developed to agreed upon requirements, as scheduled, and at lower costs.

People enjoy their work.

Nuweigh makes a profit.

Whether customer needs range from a single component to a whole system, we will endeavour to find the best solution for you.